Teste de Imersão

Responda as questões abaixo e confira suas habilidades.

Welcome to your Teste Imersão novo

01) _______ a bank near here?
02) Sam speaks English very _______.
03) My mother is _______ teacher.
04) What _________________ ?
05) We had ________ rain last night.
06) Sam is ____________ than Dave.
07) _____________________ to Australia?
08) She’s in the same class ______ me.
09) Who _______________ this book?
10) ________________ coffee.
11) Where ________________?
12) This picture ________________ by my friend.
13) A: I love Indian food. B: _____________.
14) There’s a no-smoking sign. You ____________ smoke here.
15) If you’re hot, I __________________ the window.
16) I’m going out _____________ some milk.
17) Try ____________ late.
18) I ___________ here before.
19) Someone ___________ the meeting was cancelled.
20) If you ____________ me your email address, I’ll write to you.
21) Life would be easier if I ______ a bit more money.
22) I’m late for school _____________.
23) I look forward ______________ you next week.
24) He speaks with ______ strong accent.
25) I’m going to the hairdresser’s ________________.
26) I __________ in Rome since 2003.
27) Is it alright ______ I open the window?
28) We complained to the waiter ______ the food.
29) ______________ it was raining we went for a walk.
30) Sam was only pretending ____________ upset.
31) My parents never let me ____________ computer games.
32) I ________________ call you yesterday, but I didn’t have time.
33) Pete came out with us last night _____________ feeling ill.
34) I was surprised ______ Tom at the party last night.
35) If you’re tired, ______ to bed.
36) Have you any idea where ______?
37) I wish I ______ to David yesterday.
38) A: What does this word mean? B: Look ______ in the dictionary.
39) This time next week I ______ on a beach in Greece.
40) I could see a small road ______ into the distance.
41) It ______ Pete who broke the window – he wasn’t here at the time.
42) This is the first time ______ Vietnamese food.
43) I can’t give you a lift because my car is ______.
44) __________________, that everyone stayed indoors.
45) Phone me when you ______.
46) I’d rather you ______ in the house.
47) Nobody rang me, ______?
48) ______ realized, I would’ve told you.
49) Sam doesn’t work, ______ he always seems to have a lot money.
50) ______ all the questions, James felt quite pleased with himself.
51) I ____________ born in Paris
52) I _________ 21 years old
53) My birthday is _______ July
54) Last month, I went __________ the USA.
55) I stayed in New York ___________ two weeks.
56) Did you __________ many photos on holiday??
57) What does Katy's new boyfriend look _________ ?
58) Did you ______ you homework last night?
59) It's a good idea to try _________ clothes before you buy them.
60) As __________ as I'm concerned, Internet shopping is a great idea.
61) Oxford is famous ___________ its university.
62) Have you any ___________ what time it is?
63) I get on really ___________ with my brothers and sisters.
64) We went to lots of places last night, but we ended _________ in Bar Soliel.
65) Sue’s new dress is very eye-___________
66) We used to be friends, but we lost _________ a few years ago.
67) I don’t know how old he is, but he looks in ___________ late-twenties.
68) The sea was very cold – in fact it was absolutely ___________
69) Can you ___________ a secret?
70) Lizzy has got a great ___________ of humour.
71) After being off school for a week, he found it difficult to ___________ up with the work he’d missed.
72) You’re the only person I’ve told. None knows about it ___________ from you and me.
73) The advantages far ___________ the disadvantages.
74) Central Park in New York is a great place to visit __________ a few hours.
75) She’ll be very successful – she’s a real go-____________ .
Tell me about yourself and your family.
What does your company do?
What is your position? What does your job involve?
Describe a typical day at work. (If there is no ‘typical day’, describe your last working day)
Tell me about your previous experience in or with learning English.
Is there anything you particularly wish to study or practise during the course?
Is there anything you don’t wish to study or do?
What are your biggest problems with English?
Who do you have to speak to in English (native or non-native speakers)?
Please Check: I need English for ……
Things I need to do in English